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Is exercise neccesary to lose weight?

I had to lose weight after knee injury. I couldn’t run, so I started going to the gym. I used weights, bike, stair climber, and eliptical. To diet, I cut back on portion, but I also gave up on sugar and alcohol. The weight loss went very well.
If you just reducing eating, you will lose both fat and muscle in proportion to your body composition. Then, because muscle burns calories even at rest, the loss of muscle will reduce your ability to burn calories. As a result, if you return to your previous diet, you will gain more weight then you lost.
it has to be diet and exercise!

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Thank you for your help, I dropped 3 pounds so far and I go for more.

I ve lost 5 pounds so far! I am going to continue this. I will describe my method tommorow

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27.12 and i lost 10 lbs so far. I am super happy that despite the Christmas I still lose weight

10.8 lbs lost so far!!


Hello, I am after a back injury and I can not do aggravating workouts. I am interested in Your method. Will it help me lose weight?

Wow it sounds promising. I think I will try the method. Do you still recommend it?

yes, the system is designed that it will not be a aggravating workout. method still valid, I lost 13.5 lbs in total

I read this e-book, at the end, according to the instructions, I bought supplements and now I am waiting for the parcel. I have hope in this method.

Hey, I read the e-book and the style of writing the author and the way of transferring valuable knowledge convinced me to buy the remaining 3 ebooks for 100$. I’m also going to try this method.

good choice, I already dropped 17 lbs in total :slight_smile:

3 more lbs so 20 lbs in total

Hi, after using this method I can write a review.
At the beginning I bought and took supplements from this method, but I was unable to dump anything for the first 5 days.
The method boasts that it guarantees to lose at least 1 lbs within 72 hours, so I wanted to write an appeal about the money lump.
Then, something unexpected happened.
From day to day I lost 1 lbs, until 2 lbs and now I am dropping 3 lbs a day.
I did not expect such a turn of events and I am impressed at the same time.
I managed to drop 16 lbs in total.
Thank you for recommending this method and greetings.

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I posted here 18 days ago, 16 days ago I started taking supplements. Lost 15 lbs so far and keep going.


good to know brah, wish you luck in more weight loss. I will write statement in few days, because no time today

you can also check this site -------------- https://loseweightandmass.blogspot.com/

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I have been suffered from such a situation when I was fully surrendered at looking to my weight. it was gaining day by day. I was so worried about my weight. So i have decided to start exercise. I have a basic knowledge of exercise and diet. So, I’ve decided to become a self trainer. I have tried to search online for learn about fitness training. I have deeply searched online and found this article ptpioneer.com/long-take-become-personal-trainer/ to become a self trainer. It is related to me and I have learned a lot from this article and lose my 20 lb in just 2 months. I recommend you to check out this article maybe it will help you further.

Diet alone cannot help in loosing weight, a little bit of exercise is mandatory you can do upper body workout and for lower body take a stroll, do not run just walk for 30 minutes in a day.

Yes you can absolutely lose weight with just diet alone. it might not be optimal as it depends on the body of the person but 100% you can lose weight by following a strict diet.

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