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It band issue 10 days before marathon

Hey all, I’m about 10 days out from running the Philly Marathon and have been dealing with an it band issue aka pain on the outside of my knee since my 20 miler two weekends ago. I’ve had the same issue before leading up to past marathons. I’m doing everything I can (going to PT, hot yoga, foam rolling, stretching etc.). I’m wondering if anyone here has dealt with the same pain/Injury this close to a marathon before? Would love any first hand opinions/suggestions on treatment/rest and if I should just not run at all leading up to the race. Thanks!

I used to get this off and on. Have you tried getting a massage? Just have them work on the outside of your knee and on your hip at the attachment. It seems like something ALWAYS comes up just before a marathon.

More running won’t make any difference this close. Ice it and heat it alternately. Gentle but persistent massage. Don’t aggravate it further. I bet once you get out there and go you’ll be fine.