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Leg Pain inside shins

I have just started running and I am having a lot of pain on the insides of my shins. Any thought or advice? I want to run a 5K so bad!

Most runners refer to this pain as "shin splints, " and it is not unusual in new runners. While it can be a sign of running “cold turkey” without much preparation, it can also be a sign of nutritional deficiency, or other medical issues.

My advice is to try walking the same route you are now trying to run, and see if the pain persists. If not, you may want to walk more to get yourself used to the repetitive motion, then gradually introduce running in small increments as you feel your legs getting stronger. This can take weeks or months, so don’t set your sights on any particular 5k yet. Wait until you can jog a few miles comfortably without this pain.

If the pain persists even when you are not running, it’s time for a checkup by your doctor. There could be a reason why you might not be cleared for competitive running yet.

Meanwhile, here is a helpful article about getting the right nutrition for strenuous exercise like running: https://www.livestrong.com/article/445056-shin-pain-caused-by-low-potassium/

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Not weird at all! I had the exact same pain. I would definitely follow the prior comment advice ^^ and get checked out by a doctor to rule out anything that could be causing this. My case was that I wasn’t used to the repetitive running.
My trainer showed me a few stretches to do before and after each run and with time the pain started going away until it didn’t come back. It does not come back until I go some time without running. Check on youtube how to massage out the knots in your legs or also shin splints…those were the same techniques he told me to do and it was very helpful. It WILL HURT but afterwards you’ll feel the relief and running won’t be so painfull like it is now.

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