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Longtime runner looking to become a personal trainer

Am Longtime runner I’ve been running for 4 years and have done multiple marathons. So, I’ve decided to become a personal trainer to be a more well-rounded fitness enthusiast and in looking for a personal training certification. There are hundreds of different companies with their own certification programs. Now am facing a huge problem to decide which one of the certification is the best one for me. I am looking at NASM or NSCA mainly because most gyms recognize them. I found that the NASM and ISSA certificate is generally accepted in every single gym as high-end certification. As I have read in many articles and the internet in looking for the best certificate for me. please suggest me a best certificate, Thanks for all the help!

I have deeply searched online and found this article ptpioneer.com/personal-trainer-schools-degrees/ to learn and pass a personal trainer certificate. It is related to me but I do not fully agree with this guy. what you guys think about this article. Do you think the information is good or anybody can suggest a much better than this one? Thanks for all the help!