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Need encouragement

Hi everyone! I’m starting my VERY first marathon training program tomorrow. I’ve started and failed so many times. I have managed to do a handful of half marathons, but I’ve never completed or even successfully trained for a full.

I am hoping some of you would be so kind as to subscribe (and maybe even comment sometime) to my you tube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF8WXs_xDZtwGznGuOoCJkA/featured

I’m hoping by posting updates daily, and with enough comments, it will push me to complete my first marathon on 12/8/19. I’ve booked a hotel and set my sites on Palm Beach in Florida! I live in Indy, so of course, this will be a great treat for my family and I.

Any support you can give me on my channel will be much, much, appreciated.


Jennifer Strong

Per my channel: I will be sharing my marathon training journey day to day in hopes that someone will watch and share their training journey! I am going to rely on comments to keep me going. I have a seven year old son, I’ve been married 8 years, I’m in the “obese” category, I love Phish, and I try to medidate daily to help with depression.

I’m not very good with names, and I’m not a good runner. I drink too much, I’m lazy sometimes, and I am average in most areas of life. There isn’t anything especially overwhelming or suprising about me.

I run to fight depression. I run because I can. I run to stay healthy for my family. I run to become closer to nature. I love to run.

Run with me! I’ve never ran a marathon, although it’s been on my bucket list. I’ve ran serveral 5K’s and Half Marathons. My journey starts 7/9/19 and ends with a marathon in Palm Beach on 12/8.

Just some quick advice: There is a big difference between a half and a full. The main thing is to build up to 4 or 5 hours of endurance in your training. You now have 4 months to do this, and a few weeks to taper down so you are recovered enough for your target event.

The main job is to practice staying out there long enough to simulate the time a real marathon will probably take you. If you run your longest runs every two, then every 3 weeks in the last 2 months, you can work your way up to this gradually, adding a mile or two every few weeks. In between, you can run recoveries every couple days of 40 minutes or so. You will continue to burn calories on the off days. You will probably become leaner in the process, which should make the marathon easier to complete if you don’t overdo it.

Training programs like Galloway are good for first-timers, because they are structured to adapt to their pace. Don’t be embarrassed if you have to walk a bit every few minutes. It will allow you to stay out there longer, and the target exercise time is key. You will put it all together on marathon day.

Remember to run the first half easily enough that you still feel fresh in the 13th mile. Otherwise, it will be very hard to finish. It’s about patience and pacing, time and endurance. You can do it!


Thanks so much for the tips! I definitely think getting leaner will help with the training. I think that has been a hurdle for me lately, since it takes so much more energy with the added pounds. I appreciate your encouragement and mentioning that it’s ok to walk every now and then. I think I’ll have to make that a part of my training and not be disappointed. My goal is to just finish in under 6 hours. I will consider that a win! Who knows, maybe I’ll end up liking the longer distance!

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Hey there. Hang in there. Disappointment and discouragement are part of the process to becoming better. Check out this blog and see what you can learn from two amazing runners that may help motivate you: