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Push up breaks during running?

I am a teacher who runs in the small gym at our school each afternoon. The distance around the gym once is 220 feet. Thus, 24 laps is one mile. I typically run 75-100 laps a day totaling 3-4 miles. Because of the small space, I used to simply switch directions every six laps. For the past month or so I have started a new routine where I stop after five laps, do leg lifts, run another five laps, plank for thirty seconds, run five laps, do ten push ups. This process is repeated until I reach my daily lap goal. I do not take a breather; I run, do whichever quick workout is next and then immediately begin the next five laps.

My question is: Am I interrupting the running too much by taking these short workout breaks? In other words, would it be more beneficial to simply run first and then complete the short workouts after?