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Running for some good

running is quick hard and time taking but the result is good.
website: - https://www.tangensys.com

oh…I also started to join the run

Indeed, running is good. And once a hobby became my work. I tried to cover one of the ‘neckpains’ for nowadays runners — finding a running race. It’s not always easy, especially for regions other than USA and France, where running is significantly much popular activity. So here I present to you Sportnomad.net, a website where you can find a race for any taste :slight_smile:

May the wind be at your back, fellow runner.

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I have started running last month, now I feel much active.

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I have also started running, at first because my son prepares himself for exams at the military high-school
I felt so good on the race track, that I began running twice and even three times a week, between my trainings at the gym
I feel really good and thin and strong in the same time
My first experience for me will be tomorrow, in snow and cold weather :wink::snowflake: