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Running motivation

We all love the after-running feeling but it’s not always easy for me to get up off my couch and start to run. How do you motivate yourself? What helped you make running as a routine? I tried picking out some great music to listen for running or calling up a running friend to join me, which actually helped.


Best way is to just do it like you were being pulled by a tractor beam. Like you have no choice in the matter. Because you don’t. Like the shoe people say, just do it. Roll out of bed, put on the shorts & shoes, sports bra, watch & everything else. Go to the door. Realize that you look stupid in all that stuff not running. Open the door. Give in to the Force. The inertia will pass. Next thing you know, you will be wondering why you hesitated. This is Sparta. This is discipline.

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Hey there. One thing you can do is pick out a goal - something you can work towards. Then set daily goals to reach your big goal. This will help get you excited about training. You can also find a good running buddy and set up regular running days. It’s easier to run if you know you’re meeting someone. There are also some great motivational books and movies you can watch. Here are a couple links for more info:

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I am not sure of any help, because I run for my feeling free moments, when I only think of myself, breathing and freedom
This feeling is helping me run in warm weather, colder weather, fog, rain
Tomorrow I’ll test my abilities of running on snow, in the cold of the winter
It is difficult to get off your couch, I know, but the feelings you have when running and afterwards are unique