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Sprinting Improvement Time

Hi there i was just wondering how long it would take to improve my sprint time (100m) from 17.5 seconds (i know not good) to 13-14 seconds and if i could do it in a 9-10 month time frame and if so best training program to achieve

any help/answers much appreciated

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If you don’t hook up with a coach - and I recommend you do - you will need an accomplished partner to hold you to your workouts, or a great deal of self-discipline. For the workouts, there will be a combination of strength, endurance, and speed drills that will get you where you want to go. Simply put, stronger muscles, that can perform longer, will increase your time in the air by reducing your ground contact time. You will literally fly toward your goals!

Things like leg presses, squats, lunges, etc. will build up the strength of the muscles. Endurance will come from things like hill repeats, and when you are ready to put it all together, those sprint times should start coming down.

Good luck!

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Sprinting is very good for health but not advisable for people with BP issue. You should control it first or wear a smartwatch which will help you monitor all this stuff easily. I read about a watch named xwatch smartwatch having all the features you ask for. This will definitely help you keep a track of your sprint performance in it.