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Yoga at home!


I suffer with migraines in addition to IBS symptoms, and in a stressful job that often exacerbates this. Idon’t know whether you’ve heard of it but there is a website called Yogaia where you can do a variety of different yoga sessions from the comfort of your own home … I’ve never had time to attend classes so this seems a really great idea and since trying it I’ve felt a lot more relaxed! I tried it as a free trial and if you use the link below, you get a 2 week free trial of their services so it’s worth giving it a go, whatever your health issue may be. You can choose from real - time interactive classes where the trainer can see you via webcam, or you can watch pre - recorded classes - so it’s really easy to to fit into your own time! Wanted to share it in the hope that we can all find greater ways to.manage our health issues

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Thats awesome, if you feel like giving Yoga class a try check out these tips for your first class! [https://thedaily.californiafamilyfitness.com/what-to-expect-at-your-first-yoga-class](http://First Yoga Class)